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Are you a liveSite fan? Do you love our software? Do you introduce liveSite to your friends? Well, what if you could do that AND make money? Well now you can! We are excited to present our new affiliate program; it's free, offers great payouts, and is super simple.

Now let’s talk money! Like I said, we are paying out big for your help in promoting our software. It’s a win-win… you get to share software you love and make money while you’re at it! Here are what the payouts look like.


Refer just 5 people…
Refer just 5 people each month…




Everyone knows at least 5 people, right?   Link to us and watch your money grow with no effort!


Got questions? We've got answers!

How do you make sure I get credit?
We provide you a specially-coded link that you can post on your website and share with others.  When anyone clicks on the link and visits our website, we track them as your referral. And they don't even have to purchase on the same visit because we continue to track them as your referral even if they purchase months later! And you'll get every commission you deserve because our tracking system won't allow any other Affiliate's link to steal your sale!

What kinds of tracking do you provide me?
We offer real-time tracking online through your account. This means when they convert…you know!

What kinds of campaigns are allowed?
We allow a number of different campaigns – website, blog, email, facebook updates and tweets are just some examples. You may have even more ideas!

How often do I get paid?
We work off a 30-day pay period so you don't have to wait any longer than necessary for your money!

That about sums it up. We are so excited, and urge all of you to check out the program and sign up! If you are looking for more information you can read about the new affiliate program in detail or if you are ready to sign up and get promoting, you can join below!


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