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All Ads

This screen displays all Ads for the website.

Ads are common regions of shared content that can be rotated within one or more Pages.

You can add as many Ads to an Ad Region as you desire, and Ads can be displayed in any order.

Ads are displayed when assigned to an Ad Region. Ad Regions define the Ads' allowed content area (size), behavior, and location, on one or more Pages.

Creating & Editing Ads

To create a new Ad, click "Create Ad". At least one Ad Region must exist before any Ads can be created.

To edit an existing Ad, click on the name of the Ad.

NOTE: Users who have edit access to an Ad Region, Site Managers, Site Designers, and Site Administrators can create, edit, and delete Ads.

Displaying Ads

In order to display an Ad on a Page, the Ad must first be assigned to an Ad Region that appears on the Page. Ad Regions are created by Site Designers and referenced in Page Styles.

If a dynamic Ad Region contains more than one Ad, then previous & next buttons can appear which allow Visitors to browse through the Ads. Site Designers can enable/disable and position these buttons via the Theme Designer for System Themes or enable/disable, position, and style these buttons in the CSS for Custom Themes.

NOTE: Ads must be enabled in the Site Settings in order for the Ads tab to appear.

Create / Edit Ad

This screen displays an Ad and it's properties.

Ad Name
Ad Name:
This is the name of the Ad.

This information is not displayed on any Page.
Insert Ad Content
This is the content that will be displayed in any Page that references the Ad Region that this Ad is assigned too.

NOTE: Only Site Managers, Site Designers, and Site Administrators can edit Ads.
Assign to Ad Region
Ad Region:
Assign this Ad to any exiting Ad Region.

TIP: Be mindful that the area of visible Ad Content may be restricted and may change depending on the Ad Region you select. This is typically done by the Web Designer so that the size of the Ad Content cannot alter any Page's layout.

NOTE: Ad Regions are either "Static" (they will display one Ad each time a Page is displayed), or "Dynamic" (they will display multiple Ads w/Labels each time a Page is displayed).
Dynamic Ad Region Display Options
This is the Label that is displayed as a navigation link to this Ad within the Ad Region.

TIP: If you use numbers like "1", or "2" as a Label, be sure it matches the Sort Order (below).

NOTE: Labels are ONLY displayed within Ad Regions that are "Dynamic". They are hidden if the Ad Region is "Static". Labels can be styled, positioned, and even hidden using CSS by a Site Designer.
Sort Order:
This is the order that this Ad is displayed within the Ad Region. Do not enter a value if you would like the order of the Ad to be randomly selected each time it's Ad Region is displayed.

NOTE: Sort Order is ONLY used for Ad Regions that are "Dynamic".
Add Caption on Top of Content
You have the option of adding a caption which will appear on a layer above the Ad. This is useful if your Ad contains a photo and you want to add some text about the photo. By default, the caption will appear at the bottom of the Ad. Captions can be styled, positioned, and even hidden using CSS by a Site Designer. Captions only appear for dynamic Ad Regions (not static). Also, captions will fade when the Ads switch regardless of whether the Ads slide or fade.

IMPORTANT: At least one Ad Region must be defined by a Site Designer before Ads can be created.

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